Sustainability Report

Paolo Voltini (President of BOD)

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our company’s second sustainability report where, through facts and figures, we share a journey that fills us with pride and confirms once again the responsibility that we consciously take every day. In fact, in 2019, the Board of Directors where I chair was reappointed the Cooperative’s governance mandate for the next three years, with the goal of focusing our efforts on the development and progress of the Consortium’s view of both economic but also, and above all, the commitment to responsible agriculture, which confirms fundamental leverage in our food supply chain.

Costantino Vaia (General Manager)

And it is precisely in this favourable context of growth, sustainability and social responsibility that the key elements for a correct interpretation of the expectations and needs of the markets in terms of transparency, ethics and profitable relations with stakeholders are confirmed. The efforts made in recent years in terms of investments in this direction have strengthened monitoring and allowed improvement actions along the entire production chain; these activities combined with a high level of knowhow have allowed us to further consolidate direct, stable and long-lasting relationships with major international players. For the future we will continue to invest resources in and attention to sustainability, in all its applications, to accompany a new phase of growth that is not only economic.

Sustainability Report 2019


The Consorzio

Consorzio Casalasco is the link between the territory and its traditions, between agricultural work and the enhancement of cultivated products through quality, progress and technological innovation in respect of man and the environment.


The Consorzio’s Stakeholders

Among the priority stakeholders are:
Members, owners of shares but also providers of the Consortium’s raw material
Employees, to which Chapter 5 is dedicated
Customers, divided into end-users of the product of the brand and customers of the industrial channel or co-manufacturer and Private Label.


The Supply Chain and its control

The configuration of the Consortium, with member farms that take on the double role of owners and suppliers of the agricultural raw material, allows for a level of control and integration between the agricultural and processing stages which cannot be found in industrial supply chains.


The scenario and the value

In 2019, the world industry has processed 37,398 million tons of tomato, destined to be processed into food conserves. Always in 2019, in Northern Italy, the total volume of tomato produced was proven to be 2,370,000 tons, originating from 36,600 hectares, for an average performance of 76 t/ha. Despite the progressive decrease of the price of tomatoes in the last three years period.


Our People

The Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro recognises the centrality of the people and promotes a style of leadership that enhances it’s strategical importance. The company complies with all standards regarding human rights and workers’ rights, and is strongly committed to require the same from everyone who, at every stage of the supply chain, work for the Consortium and with the Consortium. In essence the winning characteristics of quality, reliability, transparency, traceability.


Environmental sustainability

Consorzio Casalasco is part of an agri-food system of industrial type. Systems of this kind allow to increase the production level at all stages of the supply chain, paying a great attention in relation to the environmental impacts generated. During the agricultural production, matters such as the reduction of the fertility of the land, water pollution, biodiversity deterioration, as well as the product safety and salubrity fallouts have to be dealt with.


These are the elements that helped us become the first Italian tomato producer and processer.